innSono analytics

first all-in-one software for Audio AI

innSono analytics

first all-in-one software
for Audio AI

Automatized full pipeline for
creating Audio AI applications

Combines audio analysis
with data modeling

Designed for audio experts
and for non-experts users

Advanced audio signal analysis with state of the art domain transformations: spectrum and spectrogram in multiple bands, cepstrum, wavelet, CQT, HOG, LBP etc. Parametric EQ provides analysis of the equalization effect in each audio representation.

Extensive set of audio features enables audio files comparison in the feature domain. Parametric EQ allows analysis of the effect of equalization on audio features and their statistics.

State-of-the art pattern recognition algorithms enable creation of audio models for regression, classification and clustering problems. Start building your model immediately and improve it over time with new audio files.

Fast Analytics

Calculates and visualizes features from your audio data in seconds – some of them also in real-time

Easy of Use

Anyone can analyze audio in both the audio and features domain with a press of a button. No programming, just insight

Deploy in Seconds

Create, deploy and test Audio AI models, everything in the same software tool, with one click

Who can use the software


Design / Production / Post-production


Condition monitoring / Predictive maintenance


Automation / Monitoring

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